Our team will take the time to understand your vision. From this foundation, we will craft several actionable ideas to meet your goals; and together we will determine the best path forward for your company. The Brass Dome team will then develop an action plan with distinct, easily executable steps. We will provide a detailed analysis of the risks and benefits associated with each step along your customized strategic plan.


Should you require additional assistance, the Brass Dome team can also work with you to execute your customized strategic plan. We will accomplish this by working very closely with your team, and becoming integrated within your organization. In this way, we can work seamlessly together to implement your strategic plan, adapting it to industry and company challenges as they arise.


For our clients that benefit from a longer-term relationship, we offer the opportunity to work with Brass Dome on an ongoing basis. As part of this additional level of service, we fulfill all activities associated with the implementation of your strategic plan. Following this stage, we will reassess your company’s situation and work with you to determine if additional steps are necessary to meet your goals.


By working with us, you will gain:


Learn the steps required to achieve your goals.


Increase your confidence in your business and vision.


Develop an understanding of how every step fits into developing your business.


Improve the overall performance of your business.


Receive support to ensure that every step is executed effectively.


Become connected to our network of international contacts.

Our Team

As leaders in our respective fields, the Brass Dome executive team brings decades of experience working in the science and technology sectors. Our team has a long track record of accomplishments that adds to the organization's depth of knowledge. We will call upon the collective knowledge of this experienced and talented team, and of our international network of industry experts, to surmount your unique challenges and drive your business forward so that you may meet your strategic objectives.

Our Commitment


Structure, competence, and reliability.


Over a century of combined business experience.


Out-of-the-box solutions to your business problems.


In-depth knowledge of varying fields.


The highest quality of service.


We work directly with you, as one cohesive unit, towards a common goal.

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Cups of Coffee


Brass Dome Ventures Ltd. strongly believes that donating to a cause beyond ourselves helps to create a strong community. From this we developed Brass Dome Support; a program in which we support a local charity that we feel is worthy each year, for the length of a year, through varying fundraising and donation inspiring activities.

 This year we have chosen to support Food for Thought Edmonton.

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